About our company

We provide comprehensive services with fencing private property or industrial areas supplying them with forged, concrete or wire mesh fences. We also produce Professional equipment for agriculture and architecture and in addition we have got the high-tech powder paint shop in our region.

Agricultural machines and devices

Our second speciality is production agricultural and industrial machines. We reach out to individual customers and machines dealers. Ali of these we make for strict customer’s orders with professional quality.

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Manufactures agricultural machinery and equipment.

We offer wide range high-class products, which are used throughout the European Union. We have extensive design and production facilities. We have got the high-tech powder paint shop thanks to which our equipment for agriculture are not only properly preserved and more resistant on atmospheric conditions but also looks esthetic. We always try to make every machine produced in according to the customer’s expectations. Equipment for agriculture are made with every mount, even the most complicaded one.

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